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We are committed to providing accurate, consistent and efficient programs and processes on a global scale, that lead to successful execution of our clients projects––covering all of your NDT needs. No matter the job size, our team of experts have the capability and expertise to get the job done right.

New Construction

Maintenance NDT

Pipeline Integrity

Accuracy. Efficiency. Reliability.

We are proud to offer accurate and reliable NDT testing services. With a vast inventory of pipeline inspection equipment, including our patented technologies, we have the capacity to execute multiple projects simultaneously. Our team is constantly adding new solutions to our portfolio including next-generation, digitally enabled solutions that provide you safer and more cost-effective means of monitoring your assets.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

With our patented AUT technology, we’re continually raising the bar and setting new standards with quality and safety in mind. Our track record speaks for itself, with unparalleled project success and innovation in, High Definition Ultrasonic Testing (HDUT) and our latest offering High Definition Hybrid Phased Array Testing (HDHPA).

Digital Radiography (DR)

With our patented HDRTR technology and other systems like Computerized Radiography (CR), we minimize our environmental impact, ensuring safer, faster, and more cost-effective services to meet our client’s production goals with accuracy.

Conventional NDT

From identifying weld defects to evaluating variations in structural properties, we have a solution. Conventional NDT is a well-established starting point for inspection services and can be widely applied.

Pipeline Integrity (PLI)

Leveraging our in-depth experience and knowledge-base, we are proud to provide a unique set of PLI inspection techniques providing a range of advanced NDT services for our clients Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM).

Industries We Serve

Our extensive experience and industry-leading digital technologies allow us to serve multiple industries on a global scale.

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Onshore Pipelines

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Programs & Processes

We are committed to providing accurate, consistent and efficient programs and processes on a global scale that lead to successful execution of our clients projects–covering all of their NDT needs.


We spend time and energy upfront, planning ahead, so the job is done right the first time.


Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager, who focuses on the job project deliverables striving for excellence every step of the way.


Our goal is to complete projects on time, exceeding our clients expectations with successful execution and delivery.

iLineᵀᴹ Weld Advisor

Ensure integrity in the field, optimize construction processes, improve safety, and lower costs. iLineᵀᴹ Weld Advisor patent pending incorporates years of weld inspection with advanced expertise into a single tool to provide you with timely, accurate, and actionable information. Whether that information is needed for a regulatory audit or to provide project status to the asset’s stakeholders, the iLineᵀᴹ Weld Advisor’s analytics dashboard provides easy to use information.