Pipeline Integrity: Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ Comprehensive Approach

In an industry filled with aging infrastructure and operational risks, pipeline operators face the difficult task of maintaining regulatory compliance. With a complete range of pipeline inspection services and highly qualified specialists, Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ is at the forefront of helping operators meet and surpass regulatory standards.

Why Choose Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ?

Proven Track Record

With over 30 years of experience, we deliver the industry’s highest level of service for managing and maintaining pipeline integrity.

Pipeline Integrity & Compliance with the MEGA Rule

Pipeline integrity is more than just maintenance, it’s a stringent adherence to standards and government regulations. With a combination of our expertise and comprehensive Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods, we can offer a high level of assurance that your assets meet quality standards and are regulatory compliant.

Industry Leading NDT Services & Digital Technologies

We’re more than just service providers; we’re innovators. Proven, continually upgraded, and constantly evolving, our innovative NDT methods set us apart. Built from the ground up, our technology is a testament to our dedication.

Detailed Inspection & Integrated Data Management Solution

Our meticulous processes and updated technologies provide qualitative data and strategic insights on pipeline integrity that improve pipeline safety and reduce costs.

Proven Quality Management System

Our proven project management processes yield significant cost savings and project efficiency. With high field support and a well-defined playbook, we have our system down to a science. Using specific repeatable processes for each job, we produce accurate and reliable results you can depend on.

Customization & Responsiveness

We recognize that every project is unique. Our dedicated team offers tailor-made solutions, aligning our technology and methods with your individual project requirements.

Highly Trained Workforce

Our highly experienced workforce brings expert knowledge and a commitment to excellence. We constantly train our team, using a blend of simulated site experience and proprietary in-house training so they’re ready for anything.

Our Pipeline Integrity Services

When you work with Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ, you choose reliability, innovation, and uncompromised quality. Here are just some of the services available when you partner with us:

Coating and Corrosion Control

The longevity of pipeline systems depends on the quality and maintenance of their protective coating and the timely mitigation of corrosion. We utilize various methods to evaluate coating and assess corrosion, ensuring the ongoing health of your pipeline infrastructure.

Coating Evaluation & Corrosion Assessments

Inspection and Analysis Techniques

These techniques are vital to ensure pipeline integrity, safety, and regulatory compliance. They provide detailed insights into pipeline conditions, allowing for timely interventions, reduced operational risks, and optimal performance throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

Electromagnetic Testing

Ultrasonic Inspections

Visual and Scanning Inspections

Radiographic Inspections

We’ve Got You Covered

Advanced Analysis Techniques employ sophisticated tools and methodologies to delve deeper into pipeline conditions and behaviors.

Protective Measures and Interventions

At times, manual interventions become necessary to maintain compliance and ensure pipeline longevity. From advanced protective applications focusing on corrosion prevention to procedural interventions and qualified welding practices, each one contributes to the safety and efficacy of pipeline systems.

Protective Techniques

Intervention Techniques

Material and Compliance Management

In today’s evolving industrial landscape, it’s crucial to ensure that materials meet stringent regulatory standards. These tools and methodologies provide your solution.

Material Testing and Analysis

Your Pipeline Integrity Solution

Always adapting to changing regulations and remaining at the forefront of technological breakthroughs, we are committed to working with you to ensure safety and operational excellence.