Innovators in Ultrasonic Technology

In the late 1980s in Canada, a new chapter was beginning in the world of ultrasonic testing. 

Traditional methods of RT testing stumbled when faced with the sharp angles and narrow bevel profiles of mechanized welding systems. 

Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ saw the challenge and leapt beyond it. Showcasing their technology through a series of groundbreaking projects with TransCanada Pipeline, Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ introduced the world to Automated Ultrasonic Testing.  

These techniques have since been embraced globally wherever mechanized welding is used.

With a blend of AUT and Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ proprietary software, you now have access to proven technology that eliminates waste, saves time, and makes record management effortless. You can access, archive, and share data wherever you are with ease.

Revolutionizing Industry Standards: the Unmatched Benefits of AUT

Choosing proven AUT over conventional NDT methods offers many benefits. Here’s a look at just some of them.

Enhanced Safety & Environmental Practices

Decreased On-Site Personnel:

With the advantage of cloud access and digital transfer, certain tasks can be executed remotely. The reduced number of people on the ground reduces potential safety risks.

Lower Carbon Footprint:

With less need for traveling to the site, carbon emissions are reduced, making your operations greener and more sustainable.

Robust Risk Management:

Our comprehensive safety audits and risk assessments ensure that every project upholds the highest HSE standards.

Meet Production Requirements

Detailed Planning:

Every operation begins with a thorough plan. With detailed documentation of technologies, equipment, and resources, our AUT services ensure everyone's on the same page before the project starts.

Established Credibility:

Our stringent DNV and operator qualification processes have earned us a reputation as a trusted technology partner, known for delivering consistent success.

Sustained Production Pace:

AUT ensures that the production rate remains steady and reliable, making weld inspection a seamless part of the process rather than a stumbling block.

Maximized Operational Time:

Our industry-leading maintenance strategies decrease equipment failures in the field, preventing downtime and equipment failures.

Cost-Efficient Projects

Efficient Documentation:

We systematize documentation, incorporating everything from AUT reports and CAD drawings to methodologies, making data management quick and accurate, and reducing overhead.

Cost-Effective Setup and Procedures:

Using proven templates, we've optimized the development of site-specific procedures, ensuring faster and more precise setup.

Timely Project Kickoff:

From mobilizing resources to clearing customs, we ensure a smooth and punctual start to every project.

Cutting-Edge Calibration:

Our advanced software technology tightens focal point tolerance by 75%, reducing the need for multiple calibration blocks.

Quality Assurance Redefined

No More Manual Mistakes:

With AUT, system reporting is fully automated, eliminating the potential for errors in data entry or transfer, and ensuring you get accurate, reliable data every time.

Instant Quality Checks:

Our internal auditors utilize real-time data access, resulting in enhanced quality checks and instant feedback, keeping both inspectors and welders informed and aligned.

Minimized Rework:

Precision in weld call accuracy means no more unnecessary rework, saving valuable time and ensuring your project remains on schedule. Plus, the unique time-stamped ID for each weld guarantees zero record duplicity.

Prompt and Precise Feedback Mechanism:

AUT's automatic weld dispositioning allows for quicker feedback loops, which let clients fine-tune welding parameters in real time.

Continued Technological Advancements

TrueFocusᵀᴹ Generation 1.5

Today, we continue to lead the way with the recent unveiling of the TrueFocusᵀᴹ Gen. 1.5. Merging the prowess of phased array technology with the sophistication of advanced pulse-echo techniques and time of flight diffraction, reaffirming our role as a leader and visionary in the realm of ultrasonic technology.

Pioneering the Future of Inspections

For decades, Shaw Pipeline Servicesᵀᴹ has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Committed to quality, safety, and technological advancement, our track record of success showcases our expertise and our visionary approach to solving complex industry challenges. As the industry continues to evolve, Shaw remains poised to set new standards and redefine excellence in ultrasonic technology.